We make modular and dense interconnect solutions work at 30,000ft


EN4165 qualified and ready to ship: Find out how Souriau MQuick is about to ease up your interconnect solutions.

• On-board services require more and more complex and adaptable interconnect solutions in order to ever improve passenger experience.

• Aircraft and related equipment manufacturers thrive to find new solutions enabling denser functionality while meeting stringent airworthiness standards.

• We help you meet your goals while bringing a flexible solution: modularity is the keyword.

• Standard compliant, time-saving, economical, lightweight and adaptive: Souriau MQuick is about to change your interconnectivity solutions.



Eaton designed and manufactured all Souriau MQuick components to be compliant with major standard requirements and EN3155 certified range of contacts: a new alternative for you to use.

  • ARINC809 specification
  • EN4165 qualified
  • BACC65 observant
  • EN3155/ML39029 contacts


The Souriau MQuick connector is equipped with a push-pull locking system with coding possibility, ensuring fast installation.

  • Push-pull
  • Visual and mechanical coding
  • Shortened lead times
  • Quick install solutions on demand


Component-level ordering allows you to order just what you need. Take advantage of shortened lead times and limit storage stacks.

  • Component ordering
  • Less storage stacks
  • Easy on-site assembly
  • Harness to PCB solution


Composite material body and high density layouts capabilities save space and weight.

  • Composite shells and modules
  • High density layouts
  • PC tail termination for direct input to PCB solution


Souriau MQuick modularity and its kit ordering system offer the possibility of designing a fitted standard connector that meets specific needs.

  • Modularity
  • Kit delivery
  • Custom design



  • Airline companies focus on passenger experience development so as to attract customers.
  • Space optimization and interconnect modularity in the cabin environment has never been so needed.
  • Souriau MQuick favors functionalization in multiple fields: In-flight entertainment, cabin management system, communication system, seat actuation, power and light distribution, galleys.


  • In the 80's, rotorcraft manufacturers were looking for dense, lightweight and adaptive connectors.
  • They drafted the specification of what will become EN4165-type connectors.
  • Souriau MQuick series benefit from this optimized design and offer standard solutions to any aeronautical equipment manufacturer.


  • Air control is part of the battle for sovereignty.
  • Latest equipment features exceptional precision systems requiring high operability and reliability.
  • Souriau MQuick series enhance system density thanks to its rectangular shape and direct harness to PCB solutions, while passing test for altitude immersion up to 100,000ft (30 km).


  • Design offices and engineering departments keep on inventing tomorrow’s solution and seek after high density, high speed, lightweight and “quick install” solutions.
  • Get inspired by Souriau MQuick series and turn actual designs into enhanced specific solutions while benefiting from EN4165 standard quality.
  • Eaton already offered tailor-made developments for specific MQuick multicavity solutions, "quick install" designs and fiber optics connector.
  • We already proved you can save time, weight and money in conversion. The best part is: we will be on your side for this journey bringing a full technical support.