Ethics & Social Responsibility

Health & safety

Safety is one of the core elements that we focus on at every level of our company, and we know just how important it is to integrate the notion of safety in our processes, our products and our footprint.

Safety workshops

Regular workshops are held with our staff and our partners to ensure that physical and mental well-being is a top priority, as is their personal development as a person and a professional.


We are also strongly committed to ensuring a diverse and equal opportunities working environment on all our sites as we believe that diversity is an indispensable strength to move forward in our society.


SOURIAU-SUNBANK is also committed to educating and inspiring the younger generation through various partnership programs with schools and colleges around its facilities.

Commitment to education

We understand the importance of education and knowledge application for the next generation of engineers, technicians and managers, and for this reason sponsor a number of training events, company visits and internships which you learn more about on our social media accounts.


The consequences that are at stake when it comes to environment management are critical, and SOURIAU-SUNBANK strives to ensure a policy that is in-line and goes even beyond the regulations in place such as REACH and RoHS.


We have dedicated large resources to the development of procedures that will phase out the use of harmful chemicals, and guarantee a closed-loop production system for the chemicals that are currently still being used in our production lines.

Waste reduction

Waste management is also one of the key areas of our focus, for which we regularly have workshops to find ways to reduce the quantity of waste that is generated, and to optimize its handling.

Our "Zero-reject" factories in Champagné and Coimbatore have received major investment in order to incorporate state-of-the-art water effluent treatment, which significantly reduces the environmental impact of our plating processes. SOURIAU-SUNBANK is also the first supplier to provide DSCC-approved plating (US Defense laboratory) as an alternative to cadmium for all its standard production lines.   

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