Composed of two highly respected brands, SOURIAU and SUNBANK, our group provides complete interconnect solutions supporting aircraft wiring systems with aircraft connectors, backshells, wire protection, cable assemblies and contacts.

Qualified aircraft connectors and backshells

Qualified to aviation standards such as MIL-DTL (QPL), EN, among others, our aerospace solutions offer multiple product configurations designed for complex integrated aircraft systems: should it be high density for an EE bay, robustness for engine or landing gear use, or ease-of-use and high speed data rate for aircraft cabin systems.

Preparing for the future

Driven by increased environmental consciousness, by our customers and by legal requirements, SOURIAU - SUNBANK Connection Technologies has been engaged for several years in the search for alternative solutions to dangerous substances (cadmium, hex chrome, etc.). With the spirit of innovation, the staff at SOURIAU - SUNBANK Connection Technologies is mobilized to develop new methods of surface treatment offering solutions compliant with REACH regulations and with RoHS directives without sacrificing the performance and the quality of our connectors. 

One of the key focuses of the aeronautic industry revolves around weight optimization, which is why we also dedicate significant resources to the development of new material technologies enabling lighter aircraft connector assemblies. Our comprehensive composite offering gives you the option to save up to 40% weight compared to aluminum connectors and backshells, with the same, if not even better mechanical, electrical and environmental properties.

A recognized interconnect leader

SOURIAU - SUNBANK Connection Technologies, with its highly reliable products and operational excellence, has been named “Best Supplier of the Year” by major players in the aviation industry numerous times. We are renowned for delivering high quality, high reliability interconnect products, as well as training and after-sales service of the highest standards.