Sourcing Policy

At SOURIAU-SUNBANK Connection Technologies, we aim for solid long-term business relationships with our suppliers.

Our strategic suppliers are selected, developed and retained based on their capabilities and their capacity to continuously provide value additions and solutions leading to competitive advantage for our customers.

We particularly value suppliers who can provide:

  • Best possible design support, innovation and technological expertise through the use of robust processes.
  • Optimized quality and logistical performances aligned with our market needs.
  • A roadmap detailing regular cost reductions that maximize price competitiveness.
  • A mindset of continuous improvement that demonstrates proactive as well as efficient problem solving.
  • A safe and sustainable supply chain that seeks to reduce environmental and community impacts.
  • Global strategic action to mitigate potential supply chain risks.

Our strategic sourcing team at SOURIAU-SUNBANK Connection Technologies and our suppliers must pursue opportunities to create new business benefits for each other with trust, respect, complete ethical-legal compliance and confidentiality in shared information.

Should you have any suggestion or remarks, please feel free to share it with us via the link "Contact Sourcing Team"...

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Souriau-Sunbank Suppliers Purchasing requirements per location :