838 series

  • Operating temperature 40°C to +100°C 
  • Salt spray resistance: 500 hours
  • Sealing : IP66 / IP67 depending on backshell
  • Qualified according to NFF 61 030 French railway standards and fire-smoke certified (HL3/R22, HL3/R23 ) according to EN45545
  • Vibration and shock resistance according to EN61373 Cat2/ Cat3 depending on layout
  • Durability:  500 mating/unmating cycles
  • Resistance to fluids: Gas, oil, mineral oil, acid bath following NFF61030, oxalic acid
  • RoHS Compliant

Key features and benefits


The 838 connector series is used for electrical connections in harsh environments, with strong mechanical and climatic constraints. The 838 connectors are designed with an aluminium alloy shell to enable a good weight to robustness compromise. The screw locking system withstands very strong mechanical loads. A removable coding system allows the operator to choose between 12 positions for the cabling.

Examples of application field

838 series connectors are already used on rolling stock, inter- and undercoach application, signalling and fixed electrical equipment.